The one playlist that won’t be replaced easily

Mighty Long Fall – One Ok Rock

Hi guuuuuys! I’m back! 😀 So after sharing some stuff that I use,now it’s time to share the music that I listen to, I am very consistent sometimes and I stick to my playlist for a long time. Yeah kinda boring but I like it anyway..

So if you would be so kind, please click the link and listen to a very awesome song by my favorite Japanese band, One Ok Rock!! I discovered this band when the Rorouni Kenshin(Samurai X live action movie) movie was released here in the Philippines. My boyfriend is the one who introduced me to this band actually. Hehe. He was watching the movie trailer and the OST caught his attention, The Beginning – One Ok Rock . And after that, I got hooked up with this Japanese band. Oh and before you listen to their song, remember, they are JAPANESE, especially the vocalist. HAHA! You’ll find out what I mean after you listen to their songs :)) And looook, it got 26M views!!!! COOOOOL.

I was impressed and what can I say, I’ve been an avid fan of them since the song, The beginning. 🙂

They got a new album and if ever you liked their songs, please do support and buy their CD 🙂


Aftermath of Typhoon Glenda in the Philippines (Quezon province area)

So, hi! For the few who follows me, my hometown is where the typhoon had a direct hit but so far, we’ve had no casualties even after days without electricity. In some areas, there are reported numbers of casualties and numerous families affected,

I live in the province and here in the Philippines, Province is where trees, farms and nipa huts are found. No large buildings or establishment (except for the city) to be found. 

We’ve no electricity starting the night of June 15(the night the storm was in our place raging) up until June 20 (today) morning. Some friends of mine said that they also have no water connection for 2-3 days.

June 16 morning, I slept at 5:30 AM because first, I cannot sleep with the typhoon raging over my hometown(started at 12 MN until 8 AM in the morning according to my uncle who was awake already that time), and second, when I went out to check on Dumbo in his cage, his look made me feel sorry that I couldn’t do anything for him. The dog was so scared that the moment he saw me, he perked up and wagged his tail, ignoring the flapping of the roofs and strong gushes of winds.

I was also scared that time, I couldn’t even stand being outside my room in order to stay with Dumbo. So when the strong winds were calming down already and rains are pouring down, I took him outside his cage and cuddled with him inside my room. 

Then when there are just rains, I returned him to his cage and I fell into my deep slumber. 

I woke up around 10:30 AM and found out I have no cell reception to contact my loved ones. So when uncle returned home, he invited us to go to 7-Eleven to eat. 

Then I saw everything Typhoon Glenda has left us. It was devastating. The trees were uprooted from the soil, even the big trees with big trunks are uprooted from the soil, roofs are missing, some tools sheds are destroyed, tree barks lay across the street, houses built from weaker foundations(not cement) were gone. Yes, gone.. 

Then we arrived at 7-Eleven after 5 minutes of travel, the store was still functioning with lights and air condition, but the headlights of the store were gone, destroyed, even the gasoline stations were destroyed. The number pad dangling out of the machine.

It was just saddening to see the aftermath.. 

Then we have to endure 4 nights of total darkness. Even street lights were out.

When the electricity was back, I immediately opened my accounts and search for updates here in Quezon and I am sure to say, we were still lucky despite the damage it left on us. Some provinces here in Quezon was in a very bad shape compared to us. And there are reports of death in those parts. Some places are still hard to reach or no one has ever heard of updates yet.

So far, there are still places without electricity and water. 

How to unfollow, mute or ignore people on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more


We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a picture of your friend’s new baby or your Aunt’s incessant updates about the weather in smalltown America, there are certain people in your social-media feeds that you’d like to just tune out for a bit (even just temporarily).

Social networks seem to be listening and have been rolling out features to help users regain a little bit of control of their social feeds without ruffling the feathers of any friends. The problem is each network has its own definition of tuning out someone, not to mention its own terminology.

To help you out, I combed some of the most popular social networks and muted/blocked/ignored/unfollowed everyone and everything I could. For a quick look, see our chart below. But we also have step-by-step pictures and an easy-to-follow guide for each network to make it easy to mute away.

How-to Guides:
Google Plus

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My Personal Care products: Hair

Hi there! Sorry it took me awhile to continue my post about my personal care products. I’ve just finished bathing my dog, Dumbo the beagle 🙂

Super Beagle!
Dumbo the Beagle

So yeah, this is my friend, Dumbo! Dumbo, everyone, everyone, Dumbo! 😀 He looks so fluffy every after bath time 🙂

Now to my hair care, I’ve tried different products ever since I became conscious that my hair is thin and frizzy. Yes, it’s thin not because of hair fall but due to genes. My mother and father have both thin hair, and oh, I’ve what they call curly tops. It’s curly at the top, hairline to my ears then downright straight till the end. I’ve got it from my mother. 

My hair also does not cooperate much of the time since our place is very humid and I commute everyday for 30 minutes so after all the effort of fixing it, it’ll end up frizzy and once again, a bad hair day.

So because of that, when I was in my high school days, I’ve had my hair relaxed so it won’t be a hassle for me. It was good. And I was very happy with it because even though the wind will brush through my hair, I have no problem fixing it. 

But I realized, this straight and beautiful hair won’t last long. Of course our hair is growing and the newborn hair is the natural hair. So I’ve had it relaxed again and again every year. 

Before I graduate college,I noticed that my hair was unusually thin than before(or I just noticed it by then, not before I started relaxing my hair) so I stopped having my hair relaxed and just have it straightened by a flat iron. 

And we do know that flat iron also fries up our hair so I need to protect it somehow right? And after weeks of research on the Internet, I’ve found a product that promises good results. It was Snoe Beauty. They have products from hair to toes and believe me, the reviews I’ve read so far are good results and they said they will purchase again.

So it was March when I first bought my first Snoe product. We came across Robinson’s Mall in Manila and luckily they have a store there. So I browsed for hair products first because my hair is my crowning glory.

I bought these:

Snoe Hair Heroes Drunken Master
Snoe Hair Heroes Drunken Master

This is Snoe Hair Heroes Drunken Master Creme Wash Shampoo. This did my hair unbelievable wonders since it’s a creme wash made with beer hops (which I found on the internet, beer can be good for your hair), apple cider vinegar (another hair hero for cleansing your hair of impurities), barley and egg whites (who doesn’t know the wonders of egg in your hair?)

It’s consistency is not like other shampoos, I really can’t put it into words but it’s not like the consistency of Pantene or L’oreal (Yup, I’ve tried this two and it work wonders at first but in the long run, my hair returned to it’s normal state, which is frizzy and dry)

And for every shampoo, there should be a conditioner:

Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil
Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil

It’s Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Hair Conditioner with Morrocan Argan Oil to save you from a bad hair day! It’s a 5-in-1 conditioner:

  • Cleansing Conditioner : can be used as conditioner alone
  • Rinse-Out Conditioner : every after shampoo
  • Deep-Moisture Hair Mask : can be left in hair for 20 mins or more if you’d like and then rinse afterwards
  • Leave-on Detangler : this purpose is my favorite since I’m not a fan of conditioner after shampoo. 
  • Shaving Cream : haven’t tried though! HAHA. I’ve got nothing to shave.

Out of 5 uses, only one didn’t suit my need but nonetheless, it kept its promise from having you a bad hair day. It was good for my hair since it has morrocan argan oil which can do wonders for your hair. It’s texture or consistency also is thick so every time I use it as a leave-on, I only squeeze out a small amount since my hair is thin. This 250mL bottle lasts from the last 3 days of March up until today(technically, there are few scraps left but I don’t want to throw it like that. And also it’s enough as a leave on for me.

Oh the frost time I used this(the shampoo & conditioner) was when we were at a tour in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, so it means a lot of walking, sun, cold(air condition in the van) and sweat. And those are the 4 enemies of my hair and the main factors of having a frizzy and bad hair day.

But through the help of Snoe, my bad hair day was controlled but not to the extent of looking like a celebrity and it made me look good in the photos. (nope, I am not sharing them yet. Maybe another post)

And with promises kept, I bought another bottle of shampoo and conditioner from them. This time, another product aside from these  in the Hair Heroes line..

( I am experiencing internet connectivity issues here and i’ll be able to continue this some other time. )




My Personal Care products: Body

Hi there again! Before this, I’ve talked about my personal care products for my face. See it here.

And for this post, I’ll be talking about the products I use for my skin. I don’t use too much products on my skin because I don’t have any problems with it. I’m not saying that I have a perfect skin but I don’t sense something wrong with it. 

First, I use Dove soap for baths and showers. Any Dove soap will do but I use the color white and green mostly.

Then for dry skin,because it gets too cold here and lotion is not enough, oh and I have chicken skin in my legs, I use this: 

QV Cream
QV Cream

I don’t think this is sold here in the Philippines but let me know if it does because again, this is given to me by mother. I don’t ask her for stuff, she just give things to me that became handy.

She said that this is perfect for people who has a very dry skin, or flaky skin. And it can be applied to the face as well, well according to the instructions at the back though I’m not testing it yet since my face isn’t dry so why would I.

So I applied it to my legs which has the chicken skin and dry skin and voila. after a day or few, no more chicken and dry skin. This has to be applied regularly, well for me it should be because there are times my skin will have chicken skin again, so I am applying it daily to the affected area only.

Next one is:

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Body Frosting
Snoe Body Ritual Recipes
Whipped Body Frosting

Ever since I discovered Snoe, I’ve been wanting to try their product because of the good reviews especially their hair products (and that will be a different post)

This is Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Body Frosting with SPF 15  and Whitening. The flavor of this one is Strawberry Smoothie and ohh-lala, the scent sure stands up to it’s name. But if only real strawberry smoothie smell likes this, it will be my fave drink.

Anyway, I apply this whenever I’m at home and have to go errands in a short distance because whenever I apply lotion, and I started sweating it will be washed away with the sweat and leaving me smelling like, a normal person. HAHA just kidding.

But seriously, I rarely apply lotion (that explains chicken skin and dry skin on the legs). I apply this after taking a bath immediately. Of course with the patting dry of the skin and somehow still soft due to moisture/water, but not that damp. This leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling good the rest of the day 🙂 Their products are so good it’s irresistible not to buy whenever I’m in Manila, which happens 4 times a year, sometimes 2.

And as I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I also use sunscreen for the face and body. It works wonder.

And that concludes my personal care products for the body. See you in my last post about the products that I am using!

And did I mention it will be Snoe products only? 🙂

My Personal Care products: Face

Hello! This will be the first official post that I will have here in my blog. I have not decided yet on what stuff to write and share here but since I have stuff lying around, might as well share it to everybody. Oh, I might not be very helpful but I’ll try. 

For my face:

Ponds White Beauty
Ponds White Beauty

I just recently started using a toner this year. I found out that it’s not so bad after all using this kind of products into my face, because before, I thought it might burn my face in the process but here I am still looks like a normal person.

So, about this product, I’m using Ponds White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner, for radiantly fair skin with Vit B3 + Pore Tightening Essence. You apply it using a cotton ball, put few drops until the cotton ball is soaked but not that soak then apply to face and neck. After applying, you’ll see dirt collected (even after washing your face, ew). So just use it after washing your face to complete the cleansing process. (Btw, I’m using Clean and Clear face wash, the pink one)

Then after the cleansing process, I proceed to use a moisturizer. I’m using a local brand moisturizer because I’m still on the testing process and I cannot afford products from beauty care products yet. I am using a Quick Fix Tinted moisturizer. A sachet with a cap so it’ll be no hassle for the user.

Next is sunscreen! I live in the Philippines and when it gets hot here, it’s hot AND wet, in other terms, HUMID. Yup. It sucks to have humid weather because once you step outside, oh wait, EVEN before you set a foot outside, you’ll be dripping with sweat already. My family does not own air conditioning so this is basically normal and a hassle for me because I have a thin hair…and we’ll get to that later. Next..

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch

So this is my sunscreen for the face and as well as for my body. It has a lightweight clean feel and does not feel greasy to the face. This was given to me by my mother because of the weather here in our country, it’s always sunny and she says that I have to protect my skin always. I might not see the bad results today, she definitely don’t want me to regret tomorrow.

I only use a small amount for my face and neck, then ample amount for the parts of my body which will be exposed to sunlight. It has a smell that’s like reminding you of a beach? Or it’s just me. I can’t really explain but it’s not bad either.

22 Natural Beige
Maybelline Clear Smooth
Aqua Gel Foundation


And here is my foundation. By the way, I don’t wear make-up, but since I am going to the corporate world in the near, near future, I will be needing this. So let’s call it a trial and error phase.

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation (22 Natural Beige) is

  • a water based formula that gives skin a light and fresh sensation. – this one is true for me because I tend to sweat a lot and my face becomes oily after being in a cold place then out in the hot place, or just being outside doing stuff. I noticed that I apply less powderto my face lately even though the weather is humid. And whenever I go home, I notice that my face is sticky and eww-y, but when I started using this, it made a big difference. No more oily face, less powder application and even when I go home, my skin feels light and smooth.
  • Controls shine for an all day perfect and healthy looking complexion – Yup, same as above, this one is true again for me.Though it does not hit the T-zone of my face, I wonder why.
  • Evens out skin tone and cover imperfections – my boyfriend told me that my face seems different the time I started using this. He said that my complexion seems lighter than the usual, and my face seems kinda, bright. (Gotta love him for those compliments)
  • Feels soothing and cares for your skin with chamomile, aloe & Vit E.

When I was about to buy this, I was debating if it will be worth it because I have a small budget and I’m on my trial and error phase and I don’t want to risk breakouts to my face. But whent he saleslady approached me, she said that this one is more suitable for me after explaining that I have an oily face and teds to sweat a lot. And so far, this product is good for me,

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

MAC has been my all time favorite face powder and I am never using other products again. I’ve yet to try other MAC products. I’ve been using MAC since I was a 4th year highschool and now I’m a college graduate already. So far this is the darkest shade I’ve had because mom is just giving me this and saying that this will be good for my face since it’s mineralize. Maybe she forgot the shade that I am using before this one. It has a lighter color than this. The photo on the left shows how dark when applied to the face. I’m not yet accustomed in using it because this shade is darker than my skin tone. So I’m still practicing on how to use this without looking like I had a tan on my face alone. 

Lip Colour Xtreme Shine Ever Bilena
Lip Colour Xtreme Shine
Ever Bilena

Obviously, this one is for my lips. My boyfriend picked it out for me, the shade I mean. He commented that pink does not go with my face and why would I put a nude color lipstick if it won’t be noticed.(I agree on the latter part, but us girls, we know that sometimes, nude is better. HAHA!) So he choose a color that isn’t too reddish or to light. It has has a sweet smell but not like chocolates. Just subtle sweet.

And that’s all for my face.

Oh you were expecting more? Check my next post 🙂

I will not make a long post since I am just starting and want to have many entries and as I conclude the post, for my body and face, I shall have 1 post each. So see you!

Note: Sorry for the low-quality photos. I just used my phone’s cam and didn’t have time to edit it.