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Hey there! It’s been a while!

So last Sunday, Oct 26, I took an exam. A Civil Service Exam that if passed, enables you to work in the government and private sectors. I reviewed the math (ugh) but to the extent that I no longer understand anything. Yeah I’m a comsci graduate and I suck at math. Maybe at algebra, I’ll do good but for the rest, naaaaah. So the night before the exam, I prepared my things and settled myself in my bed. But one problem arises…

I cannot sleep that night and ended up not sleeping at all. I also didn’t sleep in the afternoon coz I was busy tiring myself in order to able to sleep early.’

So as my wake up time is near, I accepted the fact that I will have to take the exam without sleep or rest. A cup of coffee will do ( not much of a coffee lover coz tummy hates it. It goes crazy after a few hours)

I was up by 3AM. Yeah so early for a 7AM exam but I live 30-45 mins away from the testing place and the transportation here doesn’t really rush early in the morning. I left the house by 4:30 and arrived at Lucena by 5:15 or 5:20? Didn’t notice though coz it’s still dark outside.

Grabbed a 6AM breakfast(something I’ve never done for over 7 months) at McDonalds instead of Jolibee. Jolibee was taking forever and a senior citizen was on the line, meaning, the line will go on forever because transactions with senior citizens are tedious. I always avoid lines that have a senior citizen in line. (yeah they have no priority lane or something. makes life easier for both parties) I helped myself with hotcakes (they’re back with maple syrup. Last time they had this white syrup that didn’t go well with the butter) and some sniff of Ralph’s coffee. (he accompanied me to the biggest day yet for me. loljk. not biggest though but, I was about to take an exam!! and a sniff. Had already 1 cup of coffee!!)

So after eating, we went to the site and checked wherever my room will be. Luckily, I have a friend who studied in that school and guided me to where will my room be. She was like a map in a big public school. (heh. never got to study in a public school so I wouldn’t know that schools like this are this big…and confusing) She was a re-taker(failed the first one that took last April) and gave me some tips about how the exam and everything will go.

We were about 25 in the room and we had 2 proctors to supervise us. they were nice people too!

Exam started at 8AM, but I was already in my room quarter to 7AM and 7AM we started some pre-requisites for the exam.

First part was Math. Yeah. Math. I guessed a lot of items that involved ratios and rates. But I also answered few questions right (because my computed answer was on the choices. Btw, we have no calculators or anything. Just a pencil and a pen.) Then the rest of the exam was about English and few of some laws and some stuff.

I finished at 10:15AM. It’s was a no rush exam for me! Since HS or elementary,I think, I also finish my exams ahead of EVERYONE, meaning, I’m always the first one. So yeah, didn’t know I still have it in me. HAHA! Maybe because I am a fast reader, as my friend would say. While I was about to shade my last answer to the last question, I immediately felt nervous for no apparent reason. So after passing my exam, I left the room and went outside to breathe. HAHA. It was so hot inside and I finished the exam!! It was easy though but it would be a lot easier if I did really focused on studying and understanding math.

I do not expect myself to pass just because my impression on the test was easy. But I am hoping though.

I did mentioned that I haven’t slept the night before, yeah? So halfway through the exam, my sight was failing me. I mean I felt dizzy all of a sudden and the need to collapse. But I survived. Hoho

I went home 2:30PM that day because I ate lunch with my friends after the exam and had some quality time. As I was travelling home, my vision started seeing colors. Blue borders on the screen of my phone and red underlines to the texts. I thought I was imagining things but I am not and my eyes really started to hurt. I fell asleep and thankfully, nothing happened bad to me while I’m travelling, and also, I didn’t ended up somewhere far from my house.

Dumbo greeted me as I arrived home, greeted Dad, changed my clothes and went to bed.



Hi there! So yeah, still unemployed due to the fact that I am still waiting for an update on my recent application. I hope there will be a response soon. But if not, I remodeled (haha yeah just like a house) my resume in order to be fit for job applications outside my field. I removed the technical skills and replaced it with abilities. And since my word is expiring (ugh! not licensed) I saved a doc file and a pdf file just in case.

hey, you got a job there for me?

Hair Story # 2

For me to never go back to a salon, they must fulfill one or two (or all, in the worst case scenario) of the following:

  • Hair stylists will think that they have a better opinion for your hair (which I’m not asking most of the time)
  • Hair stylists will not listen to what you’ve asked them to do
  • Hair stylists will push the blame on you when something wrong happened
  • Hair stylists will not own up to their mistake and will not accept your feedback or complaint
  • The salon or anyone who is responsible will not apologize to the damage they’ve done

This lists shows me as a picky person, which I am and will not hesitate to give feedback whenever I didn’t like the way they do my hair. The reason I’m like this is because I have a thin and unmanageable hair and don’t have much to spare if anything goes wrong. As much as I want to do it myself, hair cut will not be on that list.

This time, it was just a haircut. It was my 3rd time to that salon (a new salon that I found with good results and feedback from their FB account). The stylist who cut my hair the last time I went there was not there the day I came for my haircut. My hair was near my tummy when I put my hair to the front (you understand, right?) so in short, it was long, a desirable length in which I spent months taking care of it, most of it.

So when I came in, a stylist immediately talked to me and asked me what do I want for my hair. I told them a haircut only without shampoo and blow dry. She also asked my how do I want my hair, a V-cut or a U-cut shaped, I said a V-cut since I am a forever V-cut hair and that I want my hair to be meeting at the roots (I have extension like hair where the back part if much longer than the hair above it. The cause of this is I am growing my hair and it didn’t catch up) and she saw what I mean and led me to sit in the chair to begin the process.

Before we started talking about my hair, I mentioned that I only want a haircut without shampoo and blow dry. She also asked me to have a shampoo but I refused to ( I think she didn’t heard me) So when I was settled with the cape and everything, she went back to get a spray bottle with water and started spraying my hair until it literally drips on the floor. It was like I had a shampoo without the actual shampoo. My hair was so drenched that she even drenched it more with water. I don’t know if she noticed but my hair is so thin that a few spray will do it. But she didn’t. So I asked her how much if I will avail the blow dry, and she said it’ll be an additional of 50php. Seeing how wet my hair was, I asked her to blow dry it later. She agreed and before cutting, she showed me the length of the hair that she’ll cut. Seeing that it was sufficient, I agreed and she started cutting my hair.

After a few minutes, she’s having a hard time sectioning a dripping wet hair and struggling with her scissors that doesn’t fit her fingers so it took a while to get to the front part to be cut. But when she was on the back-left part, I saw that my hair was being cut short. But I shrugged it off and thought that I am overreacting. But when she really got to the front part of my hair, I realized that I was not over reacting. It indeed was short, very short. From tummy length to where my jawline and neck meets. So I asked her in a calm but slight panicky voice, “Ate bakit ang ikli? (Miss, why is it short?)” She was surprised by my question and answered me that it was not short. It was only short at the front considering that I chose the V-cut shape, she didn’t cut it shorter than that because I have a thin hair. It was still long. 

Instead of arguing and being angry, I just nodded and said okay. When she was done, she said that she’ll blow dry it so I can see the changes. Oh right you are. I can see it clearly even without your blow dry skills.

So when everything was done, I stood up and went to pay for it. I only expected it to be a hundred pesos since their haircut was only 50php for trim(trim is what I asked of her) and an additional 50php according to my hair stylist, overall, a hundred pesos. But the counter said it was 170php. I was shocked of course. So I asked why. They said 70 for the haircut and 100 for shampoo and blow dry. Of course, having the stylist told me that it’ll only be a 50php additional for the blow dry, I said in defense that “sabi mo (pointing to my stylist) 50php lang additional?” then the sytlist said, “Ah? Ako ba nagsabi nun? Oh eh di sige, 50 tas 50 na din haircut mo, 100 lahat” So I just paid in full and left the salon immediately.

Later that night, I messaged the FB account of the salon telling my experience and they asked my number. So I give it to them and it was the owner that called me. Explaining that the one in their salon earlier was a new one(again. enough with the newbies. I am not a customer to be experimented with and have experienced with hair styling) and the last one who did my hair was long gone and her other stylist were out of town for home services. She apologized and said that she feel my pain in losing the hair that took months to grow only to be cut short by someone who didn’t understand the agreement before the procedure. She also offered that I contact her directly whenever I’ll drop by her salon and she’ll personally attend to me, especially with hair color treatments.  Yup, she owned up her employees fault.

Compare to the previous salon I mentioned in my earlier post, this one did the only thing I expected them to: apologize.

So maybe, when I needed some hair cut again, in a few months maybe, or next year, I’ll come back and ask for her personally.

Hair Story

Sorry if my blog titles are lame. I’ll improve this, I swear!

It’s been months since I decided and wanted to have my hair colored. Ever since, I started doing some research on how to DIY hair color and what are the effects of it. I recently found out that in order to achieve a light color from black, for example red, you have to bleach it. And my research started there. I wasn’t aware of it because this will be the first time that I’ll do something with my hair aside from cellophane(hair wax), hair straightening(relax treatment, not rebond) and hot oil which is done in my regular salon.

Yes, I have a regular salon that I used to go to whenever I needed something to do with my hair, make-up, hands and toes. My mom insisted it because she does not have any clue either since she’s busy with work, and maybe she’s afraid that I’ll do something wrong with my thin hair and become bald after. But I don’t go there anymore for the reason that the last treatment they gave to me failed. Mom paid a thousand pesos but not a single result was visible. I had a cellophane done by their stylist. So I go back to the salon and gave a feedback to them since it’s the first time I did not have satisfying results. I told them that it doesn’t show the results I’ve been expecting. Their side was that the stylist that was given to me was a new one *gasp* (I’ve been a regular customer for years to them, 3 years actually) and they said that my hair was a virgin hair so no or less color will be visible. It was like, have I not been here for 3 or more years for you to notify me that it really won’t show that much kind of results? And to think that you assigned me to your “trainee” I suppose since during the process, she was asking the senior stylist if her work was alright and if she’s doing it right. And I noticed that the process was a slightly different compared to my sister who’s having the same treatment. No apology was heard from them but they offered me a 10% off the next time I had my treatment there. So I just shrugged it off, no argument needed because I’ve heard enough, or not and left the salon for the last time.

It really turned me off to the highest level, considering that we were regular customers and to think that they already knew who we were. So, to resolve my stress over that salon, I never set foot to their salon since that incident, even if they offered me a 10% discount.

Then after a few months, I discovered a cellophane at the supermarket. It only cost me 200php and 124php for the hair coloring kit(brushes, hair clips, bowl, comb, a pair of gloves and a one-time use hair cap) and I tried it on my virgin hair, and the result was to my expectations. The color was visible under daylight compared to the treatment at the salon. Another reason not to go back to them. Hoho

And as of now, I am still waiting for my chance to have my hair color since I still don’t know what color suits the fatty, morena that I am. I am thinking of Kolours Toasted Anise, since that brand is suited for Asian hair and for my budget as well. And I’m still on my job application and have no idea if colored hair will be accepted, you know, just in case. (Ugh being a Cordian really rubs on to me until now)

Oh yeah, I’ll have another hair story post coming up! Just to increase my posts number for this blog. It feels like I abandoned it. Ugh.

It’s been months

So hi there! Wow. My last post was July. it has been 2 months now..

But I’ve got nothing to post so. Yeah.

As for me, I’m doing good, still pending on this company but I really, really want to be included in their team so, I hope everything goes well..