My fellow Filipino readers,

Let us all take a moment of silence for the 44 SAF policemen who died while capturing Zulkifli bin Hir, alias “Marwan,” a Malaysian terrorist for whose capture dead or alive the United States has offered a $6-million reward.

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“Burning. My tears taste like woodsmoke.” — Cindy

I wake up to a scent of burning wood. I thought to myself, “What a nice sleep I had. I have a fire burning to keep me warm — Oh wait. A fire to keep me warm?!” I jolt awake and ran to the kitchen and saw black smokes up to the ceiling! I remember now, I was cooking chicken and was very tired so I decided to take a nap since the chicken will take about 45 minutes to cook. And as I glance to the clock, I was asleep for 2 hours!

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Please do answer this. Thanks!!

“Wandering until I forget I’m lost.” Pien Pouwels

Excerpt from a diary:

Date: July 16, 2020

It was a blissful Wednesday. I woke up to birds chirping and a breeze so soothing you may want to sit in the grass all day long. But no, it wasn’t entirely blissful, to me especially.

It has been 4 years since my last girlfriend died of an accident and I was involved with it.

Her family was so mad at me they didn’t let me come to her funeral. They were so angry that they told me things that I’m the one who should have died instead because their daughter has so much to live for unlike me.

It really was an accident. But I was involved and it was my fault.

She was mad at me the night before she died because it was our anniversary and I was faking that I forgot it. I have a surprise for her but she got mad immediately and I cannot find the timing to surprise her. It was our 8 year anniversary and I really want to do something special for her. So my plan was that I will make her believe that I forgot our anniversary and proceed to the surprise plan.

It turns out, I was the one who got surprised.

And I just ran away and never came back. I ran away to where my heart and feet lead me.

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“You’ve turned my butterflies into hurricanes.” – A

It was a rainy day when I first met you.

I was running because the rain is starting to fall hard now and the stupid me forgot my umbrella at home. Well, I didn’t anticipate rain since the weather man said that there will be no rains in the afternoon.

And I noticed that you were there right behind me. This was the first time I noticed you.

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“Imperfect souls make for interesting characters.” — Troy Worman

Her diary:

I saw him at school today. He was so cool with his friends and he laughs together with them. But there is something in his laugh that separates him to them. He was smaller compare to the other guys and he’s timid. But whenever one of his friends crack a joke, he laughs like it’s from the very bottom of his heart. He is in the classroom next to mine. We have P.E. together this year so I got a chance to be with him even though he barely notice me.

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“Smart prodigal sons leave bread crumbs” – Anonymous

“Papa, papa! Let’s buy this toy! I want a new toy!” the 5-year-old Luigi told his father while they are at the toy store. It was his special day today and his father decided that in order for his first son to be motivated and brave on his first day of school, he will buy his son something.

“Alright, son. Whatever you want.” his father, Vincent, smiled as he asked the sales clerk for help in purchasing the toy. Turning to his son, he asked, “Luigi, do you remember why I bought you a toy?”. “So I can have more toys?” Luigi answered. Even though he is a 5 yr old boy, he is a smart one. You can talk to him fluently and he can answer you in the best way he can.

“Igi, I bought you a toy because I know it’ll help you go through your first day. I may not be there because of work. You got it? And papa is very sorry. Mama can’t make it because she just gave birth to your little sister and she needs to rest.” Vincent explained carefully to his son so he will not be misunderstood by the kid.

And Luigi just simply said yes.

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“The sun is in my veins” – Anonymous

I was just an ordinary boy. I go to school, get bullied, pass the tests and repeat. I am already 21 yrs old and yet my parents are so strict with me. They don’t allow me to go home late, or go sleepover at someone’s house especially if an opposite sex is present, they get mad whenever I leave the house and it’s getting dark. It’s kinda annoying and boring but I am putting up with it. I am looking for a job and have no money of my own. They don’t even give me money whenever I go out and still they get mad and I don’t ask either.

One day, I was riding my bike to go to this cafe shop to meet my girlfriend. She asked me if I could teach her how to ride a bike and of course, I couldn’t reject her. It has been years since I’ve rode my bike due to an accident. Ever since, my parents locked away my bike, but today, I am riding it and I am going to teach my girlfriend.

I met my girlfriend at school when she was in a devastated state. Her parents died in a car accident, his ex broke up with her days ago and her friends betrayed her. She was sitting alone and crying at the school bench. We weren’t friends but seeing her condition, I approached her and I recognized her as my classmate in one of my major. She didn’t heard me approach her so she was startled and I in return raised my hands to let her know that I meant no harm. She smiled a little after I put my hands down. I started the conversation after a 5 minutes silence. I didn’t know what to say, I mean we were total strangers and I don’t know if she’ll share to me.

“You know, you’re pretty when you smile. I know you don’t recognize me but I’m a classmate of yours in our major subject.” I said, breaking the silence. Thankfully, she responded. “You are a classmate of mine? I didn’t notice you before. Were you there the whole time? Or you’re a new transfer?” Wow. Even in her devastated state she can be pretty sarcastic. Okay maybe more than little. She was known in the class as the “girl who has a smart mouth”. Instead of a sharp tongue where someone can deliberately hurt you, she’s just sarcastic and pretty mean sometimes. “Yes I am there the whole time, at the start of the semester, if you want proof, I can tell you the things you’ve done in class, in which I find very amusing. There was this one time when you…” I started to expose her amusing acts when she interrupted me. “Ahhhh. I got it. Stop. You’re not so cool as you might think you know.” And smart mouth is back, again.

“But, thank you.” she said in a hush tone.

“What? Can’t hear you!” I did heard her but instead of her repeating what she said, she stood up to leave and said, “Who said anything? I think I might be talking to a ghost. Huh. So much for being alone. Bye, ghost”

And that’s how our story started.

“STUPID! You’re late!” she said and slapped me hard in my arms. She didn’t even made me apologize or explain as to why I was late because our agreement is whoever is late will pay the bills for the whole date. And thankfully, I will just teach her how to ride a bike and no fancy eating and shopping. My wallet can’t take it anymore.

The afternoon pass by and she was learning little by little and earning gashes and wounds little by little. When I can’t take it any of her falling anymore, I said to her that I want to eat and rest for a while. After hearing those, she immediately handed me my bike and fixed herself up. Wow. As usual, she’s fast when it comes to eating and me paying.

Years went by, we’re college students now and have been attending school separately. She wants to be a Fine Arts students while I’m pursuing my Computer Science degree. After one semester, she asked me to accompany her to a tat salon to get her first tattoo. So, I asked her, what will be your first tattoo be like?

And she showed me a picture.

A picture of the sun.

“A sun? Why and where?” I asked.

“The sun represents you. Remember the day we first met? I was in the dark those times. Well, you know the story of how devastated I am. And then you came along and brought sunshine to my life. So I decided, you’ll be my sun and the sun is in my veins. In that way, I won’t ever forget the person who took me and brought light to my dark days.”

“Foolish chivalry: Boy holds bathroom door.” — McKenzie Merriman

As I’ve read the 6 words for today, what immediately came to my mind is, “WHY?” Why would a boy hold the bathroom door. It does say in the first two words but looking at it and taking it in a non-literal way, I was able to see its deeper meaning.

Chivalry is defined a person with a noble attitude. If you remove the word foolish, the title will not make any sense. Why would he hold a bathroom door? To be of a gentleman to a lady? But why a bathroom door? And then we take back the word and, once again, the title still doesn’t make any sense.

BUT. A big BUT, if you look closely to our society and culture today, you can make a connection. There are many ways you can interpret its meaning. And this is only my opinion.

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