My new fave author: Haruki Murakami

Recently, I have discovered a new author, Haruki Murakami. My first read for his book was Norwegian Wood. And I can say that the ending had me thinking to what really happened instead of just giving it to me which I find refreshing compared to the books I have read.

I started reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman which is a book with collection of stories. I haven’t finished it yet because I was reading it from the milk tea shop I used to go to everyday. Maybe I will buy myself a book but it so expensive for my pocket, right now.

I don’t have an more opinion on his works since I just started reading his books but damn! It got me going just like Stephen King’s novels.

Why did I just discovered him just now?! Huhu

Anyway, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be taking a leave for the 365 challenge. I only lasted for a month and heck, I didn’t even finished a month. But, it’s only the start and well maybe if I found some inspirations connecting to the 6 words for the day, I might post a new story. But for now, I am overdue for 9 stories. Wow. And it’ll be 10 tomorrow. So, maybe, wish me good luck?


Taking a leave

I haven’t been posting stories lately and I apologize. There aren’t any ideas coming to my mind and I am busy with my job applications. I hope you understand. 🙂

I will continue it when I have the time.

Thank you.