Food Series in Lucena: Cafe Quay

Hi there! 3rd restaurant in my food series! Cafe Quay, known for it’s black burger in Lucena!

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Where to eat at Lucena City?

I have been living here ever since and now that I am working, I can go and eat anywhere I want. It was a challenge for me when I was in high school and college because: money. Some of the places that I have already eaten are kinda pricey and there some are that are affordable, but one thing that I can assure you is even though some food are pricey, they’ll be worth every peso. Well for me that is 🙂

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Trip to Cebu: Day 2 Part 1

Hello there again! This is the continuation of my post, Trip to Cebu:Day 1.

I forgot to mention that we traveled last August 13-14, 2016. A birthday gift to ourselves since I celebrated my birthday last July 28 and Alyssa, August 11. It’s only fair that we wait for our birthdays to pass. 😀

So, for our second day, we toured the city of Cebu. And this time, we will not be fooled again by taxi drivers. Hehe.

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Trip to Cebu: Day 1

Hello there! I will share today my best friend’s and I trip to Cebu, Philippines! Alyssa and I are planning our travel dates since last year but we only got to travel last August because of how busy are schedules are. She is working in Manila and I in our province. She’s been my sister from another mother type of friend. We’ve been friends since grade 1 and as long as I can remember correctly, we didn’t have any problems in our friendship.

But that doesn’t mean our friendship is boring because we don’t argue. Our friendship is more like, no matter the distance between us, we’ll always return to each other. We’re classmates every other year and of course, that year break will opt us to find new circle of friends but never forgetting each other. (drama. lol)

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