Ka’Fen Hair products

Grabbed from Ka'Fen PH FB page

After a loooooong while, I am back at blogging. Maybe. But baby steps. baby steps. The reason I stopped blogging is because of my work and I don’t know what to blog anymore. Things came up and I totally forgot this thing.

But here I am, again.

As for my comeback post, I will make a review of my recent hair products 🙂

I would like to introduce my hair first. I have natural thin strands of oily frizzy hair(horror combination of every girl who lives in a very humid country). I can’t go out without washing my hair, everyday. Unless I’m at home playing Dishonored, I can let it pass. It’s so buhaghag that sometimes if I have no time to flat iron my hair, I’ll just put some hair curl mist from Fuwarie(will post it sometime) and tie my hair in a bun and let it loose later in the day. And voila, wavy curls plus less frizz. The frizz is still there but at least I got to control it and made it look decent.

Or if I don’t feel like it or the weather is too hot here in PH or it’s raining, I’ll just tie my hair in a decent bun.

Not to sound desperate to save my hair, but really I am desperate now 😦

So when I found Ka’Fen Philippines by Facebook ads, I immediately went over to their profile. I got curious because they claim to have their products sulfate-free and it also has snail essence on them. Not a guru on snail essence but from what I know, snail essence are the rave when it comes to beauty products from Korea(?).

This product is a Taiwanese product so it’s a first for me.

The solution to every hair problem – KA’FEN RESTORE SERIES.

It strengthens, smoothens and gives your hair that perfect volume while keeping it fresh and smelling good the entire day. – Ka’Fen Philippines FB page

So I decided to try their product. Luckily, they have small packaging for me to try. It’s their travel package.

Grabbed from Ka'Fen Philippines facebook page
Ka’Fen Restore Series Shampoo, Treatment and Ka’Fen Shower Gel

This package costs Php350. It comes with their 60mL Restore Shampoo,  60mL Restore Treatment and 60mL Ka’Fen shower Gel.

The shampoo has thick consistency and despite being sulfate-free, the shampoo lathers well. I mean a coin size can cover my bra strap length hair. But since my hair is thin, it may vary depending on your hair.

The treatment is also like a conditioner but theirs is better. A coin size amount of it can already cover the 3/4 of my hair. Again, I have thin hair so it may vary. It goes smoothly in my hair and I can already detangle my hair in the shower!

And for the shower gel, it’s just a normal shower gel for me but in comparing it to my Dove soap, my skin is not that dry even when I don’t put lotion.

After I stepped out the shower, I know that my hair will dry smoothly and manageable. It was so soft and smooth that I didn’t need to comb it with hair brush until it’s completely dry. I just run my fingers through my hair and voila, soft and silky hair. Before, I am putting Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil at the ends of my hair after I flat iron it because it gets dry after. But when I used this even after ironing my hair, my hair is still soft and manageable. Also, frizzy hair no more!

My hair is never been like this before. It’s only on my 3rd use and when I finish the bottle, I may buy the bigger one. It’s kinda pricey but if you compare it to salon-like treatments, I think this is cheaper and economical. Haha!

See you next time!


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