Hair Curl Mist Fuwarie

Hello there! This is another one of my reviews about beauty products. My reviews are solely based on my experience with the product. Outcome may vary.

Kracie Prostyle Hair Curlt Styling Mist

I purchased this Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Mist Curl at Zalora for  Php450. And seeing this is a Japanese product, I am betting my money here to hold my curls if not all day, at least longer than 5 hours.

Product Information:

  • Manufactured by Kracie, a company in Japan with a history that dates back since 1887 and has product ranges that consist of many of Japan’s best selling brand.
  • Prevents hair burn/ blisters
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Sets the hair as styled and keeps it straight/ curled longer
  • Enhanced with Amino Acid to repair damaged cuticles for beautiful and shiny hair
  • Has a light fruity scent
  • Available in three variants: Prostyle Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist, Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist, and Prostyle Fuwarie End Curling Mist

Yes, really. My hair doesn’t like curls that much. When I curl my hair using hot methods, no matter how I burn my hair, after 10 mins or so, it will go limp and straight again. Yes I did use hairspray for once but nah, my hair is stubborn.

So I searched the internet for alternative ways to curl your hair,  I found out that there are other methods, a no-heat method to be precise. So I tried the no-heat method and voila, my hair curls beautifully and when I tug it downward, it springs back up. LOL.

But it takes time and usually I have no time to prep my hair the night before to make an elegant curly hair in the morning. Also, I am washing my hair everyday because its oily and sweaty the day before. Even if I wash my hair before I sleep, it’ll end up oily half way through the next day. I have it tough, I know.

So where does this styling mist comes in?

If I want curly hair for the rest of the day, I usually spray it on my hair until it gets damp, roll my hair into a hair accessory that makes your hair look like a donut (lol dunno what it’s called) and blow dry it for like 5 mins. The first time I did this, I didn’t blow dry my hair and end up having a soggy wet curled hair after I removes it. EW.

It also does not dry my hair after washing it the next day. Regular hair spray dries my hair after washing and cause tangles that leads to breakage.

This is me after using the hair mist:


It’s not as curly as you expect but this is the best my hair can do.

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