Trip to Cebu: Day 1

Hello there! I will share today my best friend’s and I trip to Cebu, Philippines! Alyssa and I are planning our travel dates since last year but we only got to travel last August because of how busy are schedules are. She is working in Manila and I in our province. She’s been my sister from another mother type of friend. We’ve been friends since grade 1 and as long as I can remember correctly, we didn’t have any problems in our friendship.

But that doesn’t mean our friendship is boring because we don’t argue. Our friendship is more like, no matter the distance between us, we’ll always return to each other. We’re classmates every other year and of course, that year break will opt us to find new circle of friends but never forgetting each other. (drama. lol)

Soooo, our trip to Cebu planning started when I got bored in our office and I started to browse for flights to Cebu since she said our travel can start there. I found great deals in Expedia, flight and hotel. And I must say, not bad for a first time trip planner. I was the one who organized everything. I booked the flights and hotel, and planned our itinerary for our weekend getaway.

Planning your Do-It-Yourself budget trip is easy through the help of Google. Also, I asked some of my office mates about their experience in Cebu and it did helped me a lot. Our trip is more like a stay-cation but we did tour around the city of course. What else are we there for? lol.

I got the first flight to Cebu just in case the flight will be delayed, we’d still have time after we landed in Cebu. My first time experience in going out-of-town, our flight was delayed and we only have time to eat dinner(11:30 pm checked in at the hotel) after we landed. So, half a day wasted.

Luckily, our flight didn’t get delayed and our 1st day trip started without a hitch. Or so I thought.

Alyssa and I waiting for our flight @ NAIA Terminal 4

Excuse my face. I have no sleep yet since I came all the way from Quezon (departed at 1AM just to be sure that I won’t be late for our 9AM flight lol). Oh just so you know, I’m the fat one.

Boarding AirAsia bound to Cebu.

An obligatory shot of the plane before boarding. Just a quick snap because we are in a hurry in boarding the plane. They didn’t call us out until the exact boarding time. No time to settle after all passengers were aboard. The plane off immediately after that.

Outside Cebu airport

We have now landed in Cebu! We are in queue for a taxi going to Lapu-Lapu shrine. I searched the net that it’s cheap and hassle-free if your going to Lapu-Lapu shrine, with your luggage and all.

But we got ahead of ourselves.

The taxi driver engaged us in a conversation immediately upon entering the cab, that I forgot to check and remind him to use the meter (wait, in the first place, why should I remind him to use the meter anyway? It’s their job right?). He sweet talked us like he was welcoming us in Cebu. But halfway through the ride, I got back half of my senses and cannot see a meter in his dashboard. But it was too late to notice because we have arrived in Lapu-Lapu shrine already and he was talking to the locals there already making a sign to take us for a ‘tour’. He even said to us that any amount will do, pang-meryenda daw. Since no meter was displayed, we asked him for the fare and to our horror, it costs us Php 295 and he mentioned that the original price is Php 450 but since we are new in Cebu, he gave us a hefty ‘discount’. Shocked as we were, we didn’t argue more. We just pay him and left the cab.

That’s mistake #1.

Upon exiting the cab, the locals are crowding around us offering this and that. We just say ‘no’ but they kept following us. One was persistent enough to ‘tour’ us in Lapu-Lapu shrine. But I made a signal to Alyssa that we need to dispose of this guy if we don’t want our money get ‘stolen’ again. He was narrating the history of the place when I interrupted him that we are fine on our own and to my surprise, he said ‘Sabi ng driver tour ko daw po kayo. ako na daw po bahala sa inyo‘. That made us alert and insisted that we are fine by ourselves. Considering the driver got away with his scheme, we are not falling for another one again. Luckily he left. hehe.

Lapu-Lapu shrine

After Lapu-Lapu shrine, next on our itinerary is to eat lunch at SUTUKIL. Famous for their fresh seafood.But locals started to crowd us again and with the same man from earlier saying ‘ma’am dito po. dito po sabi ng driver‘. Irritated as we are, we didn’t eat at SUTUKIL. But the food looks promising though.

We decided to go to our hotel instead and eat at the nearby lechon shop I saw from Google Map. Cebu is famous for their lechon (roasted pig) btw.

We waited for a jeep bound to the airport since our hotel is at Manduae and taking a cab scares us already. HAHA.

We took the myBus bus to our hotel at Mandaue. I found myBus while searching for transportation around Cebu that does not involve riding a cab the whole day. Budget trip, remember? Here’s the link to what I am talking about if you guys aren’t aware of it. Easy, convenient, safe and it’s cheap! A ride only costs Php 25.

After check in, we just dropped our bags in our room and went outside again to have our very late lunch. After that, we return to our room to rest and prepare to go to SM Seaside Cebu. Apparently, it’s the larger than SM Mall of Asia and it’s true! sorry, I have no photos of the mall. They have a big runway setup in the middle that day and it still has enough space at the sides for people to pass by! Since we want to have matching clothes for our trip, we shopped at Forever 21 and H&M. We ended up getting different clothes, but still, you can call it a cross-match I guess? Hehe. We go back to our hotel riding the myBus for only Php 25!

Google Map from Alpa City Suites to SM Seaside Cebu

See, it’s kinda far from our hotel and our transpo only costs Php 50 two way, in which it will cost us Php 300+ if we took a cab, one way.

That’s it for our first day. It didn’t went that smoothly at first but with those experiences, we get smarter and can adapt easily in different environments.

Day two will be posted for another day.

See you!


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