Trip to Cebu: Day 2 Part 1

Hello there again! This is the continuation of my post, Trip to Cebu:Day 1.

I forgot to mention that we traveled last August 13-14, 2016. A birthday gift to ourselves since I celebrated my birthday last July 28 and Alyssa, August 11. It’s only fair that we wait for our birthdays to pass. 😀

So, for our second day, we toured the city of Cebu. And this time, we will not be fooled again by taxi drivers. Hehe.

On our list were the following:

  • Cebu Taoist Temple
  • Temple of Leah
  • Magellan’s Cross
  • Tabo-an Market
  • Cebu’s churches

I just made our tour simple since after hours of searching, that’s all there is to see if you have only the weekend to spare. Unless I missed some place, please feel free to comment it down 🙂 TIA!

Luckily, our hotel has a buffet breakfast. So in order to cut some expenses (snacks), we ate to our hearts content and filled our stomach with food to last until lunch. Their breakfast is good. Not only limited to Filipino cuisine(staple rice and ulam) ,there are also bread, pancakes, fruits and salads.

Starting with our 2nd day, we went to Cebu Taoist Temple first. We booked a Grab taxi in order to avoid manloloko na taxi driver again. We could have ride a jeep going there but nah, too lazy to change jeeps. HAHA.

Cebu Taoist Temple


HAH! Excuse my lame pose. But as you can see in the background, it’s overlooking the city of Cebu. The temple is located inside a subdivision and it goes up higher, hence the overlooking view of the city. Apologies for not using a better picture but this is all I’ve got.

Next is we went to Temple of Leah. Rode a habal-habal from JY Mall going there. But when I researched for other alternatives since riding a habal-habal is expensive, costs us Php350 one ride, two way, I found that you can ride a jeep going to Plaza Housing in JY Mall and there you can ride a habal-habal cheaper from when you ride it from JY Mall.

It’s quite an experience for me since I don’t usually ride motorcycles. Hehe. I think it’s a 30-minute ride going to Temple of Leah and another 30-minute ride back to JY Mall.

Shot by our habal-habal driver
Facade of the temple. A lion awaits

The temple is not yet finished(see construction materials at the right) but it can still make you gasp for its vast grounds and that huge temple back there. It’s really like you are in Rome, walking in its history. They say that his temple is built out of love, a symbol of everlasting and undying love of a husband to his wife, Leah.


Again, this place is located on the top of the hill, hence the beautiful green background. The temple is surrounded by statues of people dressed in robes like Romans. So you’ll be able to escape that city aura and get lost yourself here in Rome. I mean here in Temple of Leah 😀

It’s said to be finished in another 6 or 5 years I think, according to our driver. But nonetheless, this place unfurnished and all, will make your jaw dropped the moment you enter its grounds.

There is a small fee to pay in order to enter here though, Php 50 per head.

If ever I’ll go back in Cebu, I’ll be back at this place for sure.

So that’s it for now. Ill be posting the part 2 later on!

Thank you for reading!


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