Trip to Cebu: Day 2 Part 2 and Day 3

So, this post will be the end of our day 2 in Cebu. Continuing from this post

After our trip to Temple of Leah, we had lunch at JY Mall because we are getting hungry already and can’t afford to look around for lechon again. Yeah, we certainly did miss some opportunities but I don’t regret our decisions. We can come back in Cebu again and experience things we never did our first time there.

After our lunch, we went to the Magellan’s Cross and some spots around it. I was excited to go to Fort San Pedro but I totally forgot about it even though it’s a walking distance from where we were! Hehe. Excited to buy my fave snack kasi.

So, where did we bought our snacks? In Tabo-an Market of course!

Tabo-an Market is a market for having delicacies ranging from otap, rosquillos, chicharon, bottled bagoong of different kinds, dried mangoes and anything you can think of when you think of Cebu. They also have their famous danggit, dried pusit and variety of dried fishes.

According to my research, it’s more cheaper here than buying it in the commercialized market. So after we bought some trinkets for pasalubong around Magellan’s Cross, we asked the vendor there on how to go to Tabo-an Market. I forgot the jeep code though. Just look for the jeep’s signage that says ‘Tabo-an’.

Oh yeah, Cebu has this jeep codes for wherever you are going. Link here. We were feeling adventurous since this is our first and we want to learn as much as we can in terms of travelling. It doesn’t hurt to ask the locals, they understand a bit of Tagalog, some may not be able to fully understand you but they understand the keywords, like if you’re gonna ask “Saan po ang sakay papunta SM Cebu?“,  keyword is SM Cebu, they will point you to the direction but conversing in bisaya. It’s really funny though because when we went to SM Cebu to ride the myBus, we asked a local on where can we ride a jeep going to SM Cebu, he did answered us and pointed in the direction, repeating the jeep code and conversing in bisaya. So I just took note of the jeep code he was saying and we went to the direction he’s pointing and voila, we are in the right spot! Locals there are nice people.

Okay, going back to Tabo-an Market, just tell the driver that you are going to Tabo-an Market and he’ll notify you if you’re at the place already, or if you’re that obvious, some passengers will help you and say that you already arrived at the place.

A word of warning though, list Tabo-an Market as the last place you are going for the day because you’ll end up smelling like a dried fish. No kidding.

I bought a half kilo of dried mango chips, smaller version of the dried mangoes, for Php 150 (price as of Aug 2016) in one of the stalls outside. Before buying though, make sure to scout every stall to look for the lowest and reasonable price and weight for you. They sell it in kilos and per pack, just like what you usually see inside the malls, only cheaper. I wish I bought more but due to packing lightly, I also need to return to Manila light. And they do not repack dried mangoes. If the display is a half a kilo, you buy it half a kilo.

In buying danggit or any dried fish or pusit, it’s better to buy inside the market since the prices are cheaper there compared to the stalls outside. Some say that it’s better to buy it in bulk, but I don’t know. I don’t need that much since I have no more space in my luggage already. You can ask the seller to repack it in smaller bags if you are to give it to different people and seal it so the scent will not escape and mix with your other belongings.

Another warning, there are children and con dealers that will annoy you there. The children are persistent in bugging you to give them something. Just walk away and ignore them. And con dealers, selling ‘genuine pearls’ for bracelets because they do not burn that easily. I’ve read too many times to be aware of them because once you get interested, they will measure your wrist and make a bracelet that fast, and of course, ask you to pay even though you don’t want to buy it.

So, leaving Tabo-an Market, we hailed a Grab Taxi going back to our hotel.

Mas amoy danggit pa kami kesa sa dala naming danggit. No shit though. The driver was kind enough to ask us to put the windows down because it is embarrassing to the next rider if the cab got smelly because of us. He didn’t reject us, thank goodness. He also asked us to double check our pasalubongs if it got sealed because the scent is too strong.

Upon arriving at our hotel, the concierge immediately guessed that we have danggit (because, duh, we stink) in our possession and it was to be taken care of them until our check out. But we declined because we need to pack it in our bags, and reassured him that our pasalubong was sealed tight and it was us that smells of danggit. Not the danggit itself. He was reluctant but he had no other choice.

After having a bath, we were to go to Larsons, a famous place to eat different kinds of local food. But we were so tired that we decided to stay inside our room and just talk. Catch up to each other.

Then the next day, our last day, had a big breakfast in the hotel since our flight was lunch time. Checked out from the hotel and went to SM City Cebu to catch myBus going to the airport.

And that’s it. Our small trip to Cebu with my sister-from-another-mother.

We are planning to go to HK next year, but we’ll see how it’ll turn out anyway.

Thank you for reading!


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