Where to eat at Lucena City?

I have been living here ever since and now that I am working, I can go and eat anywhere I want. It was a challenge for me when I was in high school and college because: money. Some of the places that I have already eaten are kinda pricey and there some are that are affordable, but one thing that I can assure you is even though some food are pricey, they’ll be worth every peso. Well for me that is 🙂

I finished my posts about my trip to Cebu and lately I haven’t had the chance to travel again because of my work. I have my current employment and I have a sideline job requires me to go to Manila during Saturdays, so my life is pretty plain boring lately. But, gotta work hard to play and eat harder.

My only entertainment lately is when I play Dishonored on my laptop. Yeah, Dishonored 2 came out recently and my laptop won’t be able to handle their high end specs to play at their HD quality, AND I can’t afford the game. So yeah. My laptop can render the game, in low quality, but yeah. Nope. Just gonna beg for my friend to let me play on his PS4.

Anyway. Going back, in the next few days, I will be posting places here in Lucena for people who loves eating, aside from sleeping. I know that there are posts out there already about the places I’m gonna share but I would just like to share my experience in order to persuade you to eat there. Lol.

So, have your food buddy and let’s go!

See you at my next post!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for doing this. This is solely based on my experiences, be it be a bad or good experience


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