Food Series in Lucena: Horibata

Hello there! As I mentioned from my previous post, I will share places here in Lucena on where you can taste delicious food.

First stop, Horibata’s Japanese Kitchen.

Horibata’s Japanese Kitchen or Horibata is located PTT gas station Diversion Road going to Manila. Obviously, from the name itself, they serve Japanese Cuisine here. They also sell sake and snacks, ice cream and teas which are commonly found in Japan.

Exterior of the restaurant. Photo not mine

Their menu consists of set meals (served with cabbage, rice and wakame soup), rie toppings or donburi,  ala carte, ramen, noodles and desserts!

They have a nice vibe upon entering. Sorry if I have don’t much pictures, I tend to be forgetful when I’m going to eat. lol.

My favorite order here is their set meals. I usually order this when I’m starving because it has a mountain of shredded cabbage(kyabetsu ga daisuki!), a bowl of sticky rice and a wakame or seaweed soup for a fair price of Php 220. It may cost a lot to you but I assure you that it’ll satisfy your cravings and hunger. My favorite set meal is their tonkatsu or pork cutlets. They also have karaage, hirekatsu and chickenkatsu in their set meals.

I once ordered their ramen and it’s not salty as I am expecting it to be. I have tried ramen from different Japanese resto here in Lucena and I must say, theirs is salty compared to Horibata’s

Their niku udon or beef noodles are the best! One serving has lots of beef and thick wheat flour noodles~ You can’t go wrong with this one especially on days where it’s cold and you’re hungry.

You may also want to try their gyoza! It’s so yummy!

And if you still have space for dessert, try their Japanese ice cream! I once bought their strawberry ice cream for Php 120, quite pricey but hey, anything for dessert, right? and I must say it was a combination of sweet and sour because it has big chunks of strawberry in it. Hmmm.. how do Japanese say it?…

Oishi desu~

They still have lots on their menu for you to try.

That’s it for now.

Next time, I’ll provide pictures. sorry. Hehe.

What are you waiting for? Grab your food buddy and head to Horibata’s Japanese Kitchen to experience a fine Japanese cuisine in Lucena City!


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