Food Series in Lucena: Cafe Quay

Hi there! 3rd restaurant in my food series! Cafe Quay, known for it’s black burger in Lucena!

Famous black burger

So this restaurant opened last year and just this year, they opened another restaurant, which is The Open Tavern. I once tried it there but I only ordered simple food so it will not be reviewing it yet.


Their menu consists of starters, main courses and drinks. For drinks, they have hot and cold coffee, frappe, soda, Twinnings tea, non-alcoholic and alcoholic

Their main course does not include rice except form some I think. I am sure that Herbed Roast Chicken has rice.

I loved their Soy-Glazed Chicken when I am craving for some subtle saltiness in my food plus it comes with their mashed potato. I loved their mashed potato because it’s not dry and it has potato chunks, not all are mashed.

Their famous black burger is called ‘Cafe Quay’ burger. If I can recall correctly, the patty is made from Angus Beef. It has vegetables, a sliced pineapple and some sauces. It comes with a tall glass of fries too! But I like their Turkey burger more though.

When you’re in a diet but still want to feel full, you can try their Tuna and Egg Sandwich. They use whole wheat bread in their sandwiches.

I loved their Grilled Salmon! It’s not a small slice so you get what you pay for a Php180.

For their pork, Grilled Pork Belly in BBQ sauce has very strong bbq sauce but the taste is mildly different from the sauce. The pork is tender and not hard to chew so you’ll enjoy their food. I dislike pork that aren’t tender, the taste leaves while I am still chewing on my meat and leaves me with a bland meat in my mouth, still not able to swallow.

They may have limited choices in their menu but you’ll definitely enjoy eating with your partner or with your friends there.

The food is great. The places has a nice ambiance.

That’s it!

See ya!


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