Taiwan 2017: Day 2

Ximending = shopping and foods day!!


Ximending was called the “Harajuku of Taipei” or “Shibuya of Taipei”. It is the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture.

I insisted my BFF that we spend the whole day here because there are so many shops and food stalls to go through and half a day would not be enough. So luckily we were up early and get to set off early for the day. Just take the MRT again and get off at the Ximen station then take the exit 6 so when you go out, the pedestrian crossing will be the first one you’ll see. And welcome to Ximending!



Behind me is a 4 floors Watsons across the street!! What does it mean? COSMETICS!!! And to the left of Watsons is a 3 floors H&M!! What does it mean again? SHOPPING!!!

Yeah we entered both stores but we didn’t bought anything from Watson. Wew Taiwanese people sure do love cosmetics and booiii are they expensive as hell! So off we go to H&M… Oh wait. Anyway, Moving on…

As we explore the Ximending area, we found different kinds of stores, food restaurants and of course, milk tea stalls. We ate at one Shabu-Shabu restaurant. It is located across ABC Mart.


Their cheapest hotpot is a curry hotpot that costs 99NTD while I ordered their best seller, a seafood hotpot and wow I was not disappointed! It didn’t lack seafood unlike some dishes I ate that says seafood platter! And it was my first time eating hotpot!

After having lunch, we strolled around Ximending again looking for things to buy or foods to eat. By 4PM we decided to go to the Street Art Mecca of Taipei. It was after Kunming St. if I recalled correctly. The place was so instagrammable but you have to be looking out because motorists are passing by and they won’t honk you if you are in the way, so be careful while taking shots.


Then after we were done having a shoot here, we went back to Ximending to eat again. And this time, foods from stalls and the famous Xtra-Large Chicken! Haven’t got a photo of it because we were so hungry we just ate it after buying.

But I caught this.


It could have been a better shot but I am not a pro and my camera phone sucks anyway, but yeah. It was breath taking for me that I have to stop and capture it. It was one of the streets in Ximending. It was like a sign for me. Or well not. Maybe it was for me to realize that when things don’t get better, you just have to stop, breathe and let go. There are far more incredible things than what you have now. You may not realize it but it’ll come. Eventually. Or it is just me. I love looking at the sky and the clouds especially when it is sunset.

It was all about Ximending for the day. And when we got tired, we got back to our hotel room to pack our things, and get ready to leave because the next day, we are in Taichung! And our 3rd day was so hilarious and exhausting, but worth the experience.

See ya!


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